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Fun With Fantasy Baseball

Millions of baseball fans enjoy playing salary cap fantasy baseball, and the game has become so popular, partly because it allows for a more realistic game. Many baseball fans feel that in real life, too many so called star baseball players are paid too much and if you have a salary cap, it removes this negative aspect of the game. In addition, it makes the game more of a challenge as you have a cap on the salary that you can allocate to your players, making it a real balancing act to choose just the right players for your team. You may well feel that your favorite player is paid too much in real life, especially when his performance is not consistently on a level with his high salary. If you allocate a large percentage of your money to just one player and he does not deliver, it can leave you short of money to spend on the other players that need to make up your team for the season. In real life, many baseball team managers are faced with a salary cap, meaning that they must carefully evaluate players and try to make the best decision possible; salary cap fantasy baseball allows you to play the same way.

The cost of each player has to be taken into consideration every time a manager makes a decision on whether to buy a particular player. Of course, saving money is also important too, and many managers will not hesitate to get rid of an expensive player who is just not delivering the goods. Playing salary cap fantasy baseball can give you a very real idea of the often difficult decisions that managers are faced with on a daily basis. You may find that it is just not so easy to buy and sell players and have a winning team, when you have a limit on the amount of money you can spend. Many baseball fans feel that this preoccupation with money and players' salaries can overshadow the game and take much of the fun and excitement out of it. Being forced to budget and account for every penny that you spend can make a big difference to how you perceive your favorite sport, and rather than detract from the game, many players feel that it gives the game an extra dimension. Arguably, you can apply those same principles to other aspects of your life.


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